Hair transplants are a popular option for men looking to reverse their hair loss. So the question is a reasonable one to ask since hair is removed from one area and transplanted to another.

The answer is Yes and no, but… you need to understand how a hair transplant works.

About Hair Transplants

FUE Hair Transplant Results St Louis Missouri DoctorThe process of hair transplant surgery is to restore your natural hair. Different procedures can be used to achieve this goal. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and often referred to as the Strip Method is one of them. It relies on a strip of hair surgically removed from the back of the head and separated into individual hair follicles. Those follicles are then transplanted into the thinning areas of the scalp.

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Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant surgery (FUE) doesn’t require a surgical incision. This process uses modern technology like NeoGraft to extract the individual hair follicles from the back of the head using pneumatic pressure. The transplant of the hair follicles for the FUE procedure is the same that is used with the FUT hair transplant method.

Does this mean since hair is taken from one area that your hair is thinner after a hair transplant? No, you are left with the same amount of hair you had before the transplant procedure. It is simply moved from one area to another. For your hair to be thicker in one area then it has to become thinner in another. However, because the hair follicles are removed from dense areas the lesser hair is not noticed.

All Hair Loss is not Equal: Male Pattern Baldness

When it comes to hair loss and more specifically, male pattern baldness, balding gets a boost. For men, baldness doesn’t occur uniformly. The typical progression of hair loss begins with a receding hairline and moves across the top of the head and eventually it affects the crown region of the scalp. For many, the hair they are left with is a ring of hair from the sides to the back of the head. This area tends to resist hair loss.

Because of the way typical men lose their hair with male pattern baldness a hair transplant is possible. This wouldn’t be the case if hair loss was more uniform. This is typically the case for women that lose their hair in that fashion. As long as hair can be extracted from the donor area, the back of sides of the head, you will notice a difference in the end result. Since this area is typically not affected by hair loss you can spare the hair needed without it being noticeable.

The hair that is transplanted to the top section of your head where the balding was occurring will not fall out like the hair you previously had in the area. This is because the follicles harvested from the donor area are safe from hair loss. While some hair loss occurs in all of us, your new hair growth should last well into advanced age.

Hair Restoration is an Art

It is important to point out that the hair that gets transplanted will never reach the same fullness your hair had before it started thinning. A skilled hair transplant technician can perform a transplant giving you results that closely match the original density.

When looking to undergo a hair transplant your first step is to choose an experienced hair clinic. This is especially important when opting for the FUE procedure. This is because there is careful planning needed to make sure the hair extracted doesn’t stray into sections that are lower-density.

If you have questions about hair transplants call us today at St. Louis Moore Hair Clinic. You can request a free hair loss consultation where they can examine the health of your scalp and your hair follicles.