Effective Hair Loss Treatment & Hair Regrowth in St. Louis

If you’ve noticed that you are beginning to experience premature hair loss, then platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair loss treatment might be the ideal hair regrowth treatment for you. PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma hair regrowth treatment stimulates hair regrowth in both men and women suffering from androgenetic alopecia (hereditary male pattern baldness and female pattern thinning).

A minimally invasive outpatient procedure at our St. Louis hair loss clinic, PRP hair loss treatment provides a long-term hair loss solution for patients who are not yet ready for hair transplant surgery or who do not want to wear wigs or hairpieces.

Why Am I Losing My Hair?

There is a number of reasons why men and women in the St. Louis area, as elsewhere, experience thinning hair and hair loss. The overwhelming reason why you may be losing your hair is simply your genetics. Genetic pattern hair loss is more common than you may think, and it affects both men and women.

Other reasons include hormonal changes, the effects of certain medications and medical treatments, as well as underlying medical conditions. More recently, severe stress on the body’s nervous system (telogen effluvium) caused by the lingering effects of Covid-19 on the body has been shown to cause long-term hair loss as well.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment St Louis MissouriThere are a number of hair loss treatment options available to help combat thinning hair. One of the most promising hairs regrowth treatments is Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Hair Loss Therapy.

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Hair Loss Treatment & Hair Regrowth

Platelet-rich plasma is a component in every person’s blood. This blood plasma contains over 17 specific growth factors designed to stimulate healthy cell growth and the replacement of old cells. When specifically used in the treatment of hair loss, platelet-rich plasma stimulates dormant hair cells, causing them to produce new, healthy hair shafts.

A Look at the PRP Hair Loss Treatment Process

The specific blood platelets used in PRP hair loss treatment are extracted from the patient’s own blood. This blood is drawn in much the same way that your doctor draws blood when you go in for your annual physical. Combined with specific activators, the blood is placed in a centrifuge where the needed platelets are separated, which are then injected into your scalp.

Combining PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment with Hair Transplantation

There are a number of benefits to combining PRP hair regrowth treatment with hair transplantation. When combined with surgical hair restoration, such as our popular NeoGraft FUE hair transplantation, PRP injection treatments work to enhance post-surgical new hair regrowth, thereby increasing your ability to begin growing thicker, healthier hair, and better surgical outcomes with fewer procedures.

If you are beginning to experience thinning hair and hair loss and looking for a clinically proven hair loss treatment solution and want to improve the overall appearance, health, and thickness of your hair, you may wish to consider PRP hair regrowth treatment as a way to help regrow hair that you have lost. We invite you to contact our St. Louis hair restoration clinic to schedule a free, private consultation with one of our hair loss treatment specialists to explore which treatment options will work best for you. Call us at (314) 764-4000 today.