best hair transplants st louis missouriIn the old days of Hollywood, leading men had few choices to cover their thinning locks or outright baldness. They could go with hats, which they eventually had to remove, or use toupees. These hairpieces rarely looked natural, so those stars who used them often ended up being mocked. Everyone knew that Burt Reynolds of Deliverance fame and Sean Connery, a dapper 007 icon, were suffering from hereditary male pattern baldness and wore non-surgical hair replacement systems. Fortunately, today’s crop of male actors hve far more options – including FUE hair transplant surgery – and the results look amazing.

Ted Danson. Ted Danson has been disguising hair loss for decades, ever since his sitcom Cheers began airing. In an interview, he said he first had a small bald spot that he covered up with brown coloring and strategic combing. When it got larger, he put on a small topper to cover only the bald area. Now he wears a full toupee, but only when he’s working. Right now, that means you see his very natural looking toupee on display in the show The Good Place.

John Travolta. Hiding hair loss has been imperative for actors who are or were sex symbols. John Travolta took the world by storm in Saturday Night Fever with his dance moves and his mane of gorgeous dark hair. Over the years, John appeared with a number of hairstyles, many of which looked like not-so-great toupees. Recently, he has appeared in public fully bald.

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Jude Law. Jude Law has been pictured over the years suffering from a fairly advanced case of male pattern baldness. In some TV and movie roles, such as Fargo, he retains the receding hairline but appears to wear extensions. He has not opted for hair transplant surgery, which has become far more sophisticated in recent years.

Men’s Hair Restoration Options in St. Louis

At this point, if a male actor appears bald, it’s an active choice on their part. They have many options, including natural-looking toupees, small “topper” hairpieces, cosmetic spray-on or lotion concealers, weaves and hair transplant surgery. Despite these options, some actors still haven’t found good quality solutions.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be famous or wealthy to find excellent hair replacement products or methods. At the Moore Hair Clinic in St. Louis, Missouri, we have access to all the breakthroughs in the industry and can help you feel your best about your hair and your overall appearance. You don’t have to be a Jude Law unless you want to be. To explore your hair restoration options, we invite you to contact us today to schedule a complimentary, private hair loss evaluation and consultation. You would be amazed at exactly how much you have to gain.

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